Pool Repair

And water features

We offer either weekly or bi-weekly affordable full service and maintenance.


Chemicals are included with all of our services for your convenience. We keep your pool clean so you can enjoy it! We offer very affordable competitive rate and full service starts from $25/week.

chemical treatment

service only

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Are you growing tired of that old run-down looking pool?


Give us a call and we will help you spruce it up with a new water feature or upgrade your decking.

Do you just need a professional to help you to keep pool water chemically balanced?


We offer low cost chemical treatment only service to keep your beautiful pool out of the algae for you. We offer pools or spas chemical stop starts from $10/week.


Pool Service Company

Call Today  +1.909.927.9887

Our expert staff is standing by to answer your  questions.

​When you have a green pool, who you gonna call? ALGAEBUSTERS!